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Tips for Towing Heavy Loads in Your ATV

Tips for Towing Heavy Loads in Your ATV

We all know an all-terrain vehicle is a versatile machine that is a lot of fun to ride. Aside from their impressive ability to handle the toughest terrains with ease and control, they are also known for being able to tow without much worry. Here are a few tips for towing heavy loads in your ATV.

  1. 1. Don’t exceed the tow rating.

    One of the best tips for towing heavy loads in your ATV is to know the tow rating and follow it. Many people think a tow rating is a challenge and they try to push it well beyond that suggested limit which only results in a damaged vehicle. If the tow rating is 1,200 pounds, never tow more than that under any circumstance if you value your all-terrain vehicle.

  2. 2. Don’t tow big loads on a regular basis.

    Even if your ATV has a tow rating of 1,200 pounds, it doesn’t mean it is recommended for you to pull this on a regular basis. Towing can certainly be a regular thing when done properly but towing such a large capacity on a regular basis can add to the wear and tear of your vehicle.

  3. 3. Pay attention to weight distribution to maintain control.

    If the load isn’t loaded with even distribution on the left and right side, you will end up with issues. It can be harder to steer the ATV when the weight distribution is so drastically off, and it will also affect stability.

  4. 4. Understand how a big towing load changes stopping times.

    When you are stopping without a tow load, your ATV has a fast response time much like a car. When you are pulling a large load behind you, it will take longer for the vehicle to stop and there may be lurching if you are going too fast when you come up on the stop. You should make sure you give yourself ample time to slow to a stop when towing by declining the speed to a stop slowly rather than stopping at once like you might do otherwise. This will ensure a safer stop while putting less strain on the brakes.

  5. 5. Slow down.

    Even if your ATV is capable of incredible control and stability when towing bigger jobs, you could end up adding a lot of wear and tear to the vehicle, in particular the CVT belt, and the faster you go, the harder it is to come to a stop without adding extra work on the brakes. The time for speed is when you are riding for fun to test your abilities on the trail. When riding with a big towing load behind you, it is better to maintain a slow and steady pace overall.