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Summer ATV Accessories

Summer ATV Accessories

During the summer, ATV riding is all about off-roading. Hitting the dirt trails, cruising down sand dunes, and navigating muddy spots – these terrains are what make riding a blast for riders of all kinds. Whether you use for ATV for casual riding, work, or a mix of the two, these accessories are ideal for the summer season. Unlike the winter, there are different needs for warm weather riding, so you’ll need to swap out the tire chains and heated grips for other summer accessories.

  1. LED Lights: For early morning and late-night riding, LEDs are a great upgrade for your ATV. They easily light up the area in front, so you can drive with precision. They’re also useful if you find yourself caught in a bad summer storm. LED lights will help guide you as you’re making your way back home or to camp.

  2. Rear Gear Box and Seat: There are several manufacturers that have rear gear box and seat combos. These install on your ATV seat, adding on a cushioned area to sit with armrests that double as storage. If you’ll be sitting idle on your ATV, these add a lot of comfort for your back and behind! Plus, you can store all your needs on your ride within arm’s reach.

  3. Tire Plugs and an Air Compressor: Since summer entails a lot of off-roading, it’s important to think about your tires. They’re going to take a beating when hitting the trails, meaning you could find yourself needing to repair a puncture here and there. Keep some tire plugs and an air compressor in your storage box so you can quickly handle it when issues arise.

    If you’re hauling your ATV to the trails, keep a spare front tire in your vehicle. It may come in handy when a tire plug isn’t enough.

  4. Speaker System: Summertime is the perfect time for great music. Pick out a speaker system that fits within your budget. These install on your handlebars, and typically aren’t difficult to get hooked up. You’ll be able to play your favorite tunes as you ride, making the experience that more enjoyable. If they’re Bluetooth compatible, you can even make hands-free calls (if you have the cell service).

  5. Hard Cooler: Rides typically take half or maybe even the entire day, so a hard cooler is a perfect investment. More than likely, you’re going to get hot as you blaze the trails, so keeping your drinks cold will help in a big way. Since it’ll be hot, make you sure pack something with electrolytes (like Gatorade) to keep you hydrated and alert. You can also store snacks and whatever else you need to keep cool in there. If you’ll be fishing, bait can even be kept in there. Any ATV rider will tell you that a great hard cooler is a must.

  6. Fuel Can and Mount: While you certainly don’t anticipate running out of gas, it can happen, especially if you find yourself heading the wrong direction or making unexpected detours. Keep a fuel can mounted onto your ATV to keep it locked into place as you drive. Having extra gas on hand will give you peace of mind, too.

  7. Winch: Winches are crucial year-round, so they deserve a mention here. A winch should be one of your first accessory purchases for your ATV. When you’re driving down muddy trails or very rocky terrain, you could find yourself bogged down or stuck between rocks. A winch will make all the difference between pulling yourself out and calling for help. A winch will also allow you to help others if you’re riding in a group or come across a stranded rider in need of a pull.

  8. Spare Tools: Because you’ll primarily be off-roading when the weather is nice and hot, it’s important to have the right tools in your storage box to make essential repairs. Consider bringing along a few wrenches, screwdrivers (Philips and regular), a flashlight, tow straps, zip ties, duct tape, and other useful items. These will really come in handy if you need to switch out a belt or the spark plugs. You might not be able to totally fix every single issue that comes up, but you should be able to repair it enough to make it back home.

These are just a few of the many ATV accessories out there you can install on your machine. While some of these are for safety purposes, others are primarily leisure-based to make rides that much more fun. Use this list as a starting point. After each ride, you’ll have a better idea of the things you want to have on hand during rides. When your ATV is prepared for emergency situations and hooked up with a few fun accessories too, you’ll be ready for just about anything!