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Repair or Replace Your ATV

Repair or Replace Your ATVAs an all-terrain vehicle enthusiast, you want to get the most out of your vehicle for years of enjoyment. While there are many ways to upgrade your ride over the years, the matter of function is likely to start declining eventually with the usual wear and tear placed on such a rugged vehicle. If you are wondering if you should repair or replace your ATV, we have a few thoughts on this important matter.

Reasons to Repair

    • - Cost. When looking at whether to repair or replace your ATV, the matter of cost is the biggest factor. If something isn’t too expensive to fix, it would be crazy to buy a new vehicle rather than repair it. If it’s something simple like a broken belt or even an electrical issue running a few hundred bucks, it is definitely cheaper to repair than to replace.
    • - Easy fix. If something is easy for you to fix yourself without anyone else, it is a fast way to get back to riding. For instance, replacing headlights can be easier to manage than you think and even lets you choose the right option for your preferences.
    • - Customize it. When you repair your own vehicle, you get to customize it exactly how you want within reason. As long as the part is functional to the operational needs of the ATV, you can upgrade to a better functioning part to get the results you want.

Reasons to Replace

    • - Big repairs. The general rule of thumb with any type of vehicle is never put more money into it than it’s worth. If you are looking at an engine or transmission replacement, that can be more expensive than just buying a newer model in some cases when you factor in the cost of both parts and repair fees.
    • - Big issues. While you can easily get a new engine or transmission (even though it is costly), fixing frame issues can be a different matter. If the frame is only slightly damaged in one area, you can probably repair it, but major frame damage can make the model impossible to ride. When looking at whether to repair or replace your ATV, you should look at how big the repair would be and if it has affected other systems such as a bad engine blowing the transmission as a result.
    • - Longevity. A machine is only as long-lasting as you make it. If you ride rough or improperly and cause damage to the frame, this can certainly shorten the longevity of your model and you may be better off buying a new ATV. A lot of first ATVs are more like practice models for riders learning what the machines can and can’t handle which takes a toll. If you tend to ride rough trails and push the performance to the extreme, you would be better off buying a new model when your current ride is simply worn out.
    • - New features. There is no shame in wanting the shiny new features of a brand-new model. Manufacturers put them in place because they know riders want them after all! If you see an ATV that has all the features you want, that’s a pretty good reason to replace over repair.