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Reasons to Have an Emergency Bag on Your ATV

Reasons to Have an Emergency Bag on Your ATV

The great outdoors can be a lot of fun. They can also quickly turn into a life or death scenario if you are unprepared. Let’s take a look at reasons to have an emergency bag on your ATV before you head out for your next adventure.

  1. 1. First aid

    One of the biggest reasons to have an emergency bag on your ATV is in case of an injury. While riding in the elements of nature across tough terrains, accidents are bound to happen sooner or later, and this is when you will be glad you are prepared. From arm splints in case of possibly broken bones to gauze and bandages, having a few first aid staples on hand is a great way to ride with confidence knowing you are prepared.

  2. 2. Overnight survival gear

    Another one of the biggest reasons to have an emergency bag on your ATV is to have a few survival items on hand in case things take a turn. When you are riding in the great outdoors, it is entirely possible to get turned around and lost. If you are ever stranded in the wild overnight, survival will depend on the tools you have readily available. This should include items such as fire starters, a folded tarp for protection from the wind or rain, energy bars, water, and a multitool which is always useful. It should also include items such as a compass and whistle as well as flashlight, so you can navigate when lost.

  3. 3. Changes in weather

    An emergency bag should also consider that weather can change quickly and put you in some tough spots. ATVs can and will break down from time to time which can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere so being prepared for weather changes is important if you have a long walk back to the truck. For instance, if a sudden storm happens, you can easily find yourself in some potential trouble which is why you should have items such as rain gear, a tarp to cover your ATV until you can retrieve it, and any other rain essentials you deem necessary. For colder temperatures, you will want to have things on hand in case of sudden temperature drops such as a space blanket, as well as extra socks and face mask to protect you from the elements.

  4. 4. Change of clothes

    Another reason to have an emergency bag is that you can include a dry change of clothes in a waterproof bag. If you get stranded in the wild and your wet clothes stick to you overnight, you are at a greater risk of hypothermia. A dry change of clothes gives you more warmth while allowing your other clothes to dry out.

  5. 5. Tools at the ready

    If your ATV breaks down while you are miles from civilization, having a few tools on hand can be the difference between getting back to your truck and spending a night fighting the elements for survival. It is a good idea to have at least the basic tools on hand and familiarize yourself with the most common repairs that occur while out riding.