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Necessary Riding Lawn Mower Accessories

Necessary Riding Lawn Mower Accessories

A riding lawn mower is a big advantage in tackling yard work, especially if you have a lot of ground to cover. While you may think the mower is something you can't accessorize, you would be wrong! There are a few things you can add to this machine to make it even better, whether you use it for your backyard or professional landscaping. Here are the most necessary riding lawn mower accessories you should consider adding to your model.


When it comes to necessary riding lawn mower accessories, baggers are the top choice for adding ease and function to your machine. Baggers are bags you attach to the rear of the riding lawnmower to catch clippings so you don't have to collect them off the lawn when you are done mowing. Bags come in either hard or soft and in a range of sizes. When shopping for this accessory, it is important to get the right size for your model. If you choose the wrong size, it could make the mower unbalanced and lead to an uneven mow.


If you have a large property or you want to use your mower to take certain tools with you, you can add a cart to the back of it for more carrying capacity. This is a great way to haul things on a larger property such as mulch, shovels, or gardening tools. You can even use it for hauling garbage cans to the road if you are a distance from the pickup point on garbage days. A cart saves you time and energy when hauling things around using your mower.


If you are looking for a way to make the ground richer in nutrients, you need an aerator. This accessory attaches to the lawn mower and tills the land so nutrients from fertilizers can reach down to a deeper level in the soil. Traditional tiller tools can be hard on the back and aerating the soil is hard manual labor. When you attach this tool to your lawn mower, it becomes as easy as riding around to get a better soil result.


Another one of the most necessary riding lawn mower accessories is added shade. When you are riding your mower, the sun will beat down on you and make you even hotter on a hot day. With a sunshade attached to the mower, you can stay cool and get the job done. If you use your mower to haul things or get around your property, you can also add a snow cabin to keep out rain, wind, or snow.

Loading Ramps

If you take your lawnmower from place to place as a professional, loading ramps are a must-have accessory. Even if you don't use your mower professionally, loading ramps can come in handy if you ever need to have the mower serviced. Loading ramps are usually made of heavy-duty steel and fold up when not in use to save on space. They allow you to safely get the mower in the bed of a truck without worry.

Battery Charger

Finally, if you buy no other accessory for your mower, you at least need a battery charger. This is important to make sure you can keep riding, even when the battery needs some extra juice. You can also get a battery charger with a level checker built-in so you can know how well the battery is holding the charge and whether or not you need a replacement.