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Must-Have UTV Accessories

Must-Have UTV Accessories

When you purchase your first UTV, you can’t wait to add on accessories that will make rides even more awesome. With so many OEM and aftermarket options, it can be tough to decide on the best accessories to install right away. This is why we’ve put together our list of must-have UTV accessories. For adventure and everyday riding, these products will make rides safer, more comfortable, and best of all – more enjoyable. Sport riders can find many of these products useful and worthwhile, too! Use this list to start customizing the ATV of your dreams.

  1. Windshield: As you’re riding the trails, you’ll quickly find that airborne debris like dust, dirt, and rocks are kicked up by your machine. If you’re riding in a group with someone ahead of you, their UTV could make riding a little less enjoyable for you (especially if you’re dodging rocks). Many UTV owners install a windshield to deflect these debris, as well as keep rain and snow at bay. We suggest a vented windshield, as it allows fresh air to enter the space without so much dust getting in the way.

  2. Half Doors: If you’re using your UTV for adventure riding with friends or family, half doors are a great add-on accessory. They enhance the safety of your UTV, keeping you and your passengers contained as you traverse different types of terrain. Plus, when used with a windshield, rain, snow, high winds, and other elements won’t be much of a worry. If you’re a sport UTV rider, half doors may not suit your riding style.

  3. Winch: Every UTV rider needs a reliable winch. Even when you think you won’t find yourself stuck on a trail, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. A winch ensures you have an escape option at the ready, so you won’t necessarily need to call for help. If you come across another rider who’s stuck, your winch could be a real lifesaver!

  4. Dust and Waterproof Storage: Storage is crucial for your UTV. Make sure the storage boxes you choose are dust and waterproof, so they hold up for years to come without becoming compromised. Alongside additional gear, these are areas where you’ll store valuables, food, electronics, and more. Install a storage box at the rear of your UTV and you’ll never find yourself needing to pick and choose what to bring on your trips.

  5. Spare Tire and Jack: This might seem like a given, but it’s important to reiterate. A tire repair kit won’t always be able to get the job done when you’ve slashed a sidewall on sharp rock or driven over nails. Have a spare tire installed on your UTV and keep a jack in your storage box so you won’t need to call for assistance to make the change.

  6. GPS System: Phones are great for getting the directions you need, but not in the middle of forest trails. The chances of not having cell service are high, and if your UTV doesn’t have a GPS installed, you could find yourself in a bind if you get lost or have an emergency. A GPS like the Garmin InReach Explorer features a SOS button that calls for immediate assistance wherever you are. You will also be able to keep track of how far away you are from home or camp, which every UTV driver of all experience levels needs.

  7. Tire Repair Kit and Pump: With off-road riding, it’s common to need to plug a tire on the trail. It’s wise to have a repair kit and air pump on your UTV so your day isn’t cut short by a flat or a small puncture. Test your air pump before each (or at least every other) ride to ensure it’s working properly.

  8. Spare Belt: Belts can often go out, so keeping a spare belt and the tools to install one could really save the day. Whether you choose OEM or aftermarket, you’ll be glad to have a spare in the storage box when your current belt gives out.

  9. Fire Extinguisher: A fire extinguisher is a definite must-have UTV accessory. In the event of an accident, a fire could arise. Choose a fire extinguisher that’s Class A, B, and C. There are fire extinguisher mount kits that allow you to install it on the frame of your UTV, so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  10. Stereo or Sound Bar: Lastly, a great stereo or sound bar is a must to make rides more enjoyable. Whether you ride solo or with passengers, music adds to the overall ambience of a great ride. If you’re bringing the family, a high-quality stereo will make riding a better overall experience.

With these must-have UTV accessories, your machine will be more secure and prepared for emergencies. When you and your passengers feel safe, the ride is always more fun!