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Must Have ATV Accessories

Must Have ATV Accessories

Whether you are an avid rider or just starting out on all-terrain vehicles, there is no denying there are plenty of extras for this vehicle type. While there are certainly a ton of options on the market, navigating which ones are the most essential can be tricky. Let’s take a look at the must-have ATV accessories you need for your next ride.

  1. 1. Cargo carrier

    When looking at the must-have ATV accessories on the market, it is important to look at function. With a cargo carrier, you can carry all the essentials with every ride. This rack lets you store extra items like bags, cooler, or other must-have gear in a secure place. An ATV is rather limited on available space for carrying things, so this is an absolute must-have for your vehicle.

  2. 2. Cover

    Another accessory every ATV fan will agree is a necessity is a cover. Without a cover to protect your ride after a long day of riding, your favorite set of wheels is left vulnerable to the elements of wind, rain, snow, and sun. These elements can lead to a host of issues from chipped paint jobs to a frozen battery in the winter. Even if you are storing your ATV in a garage or covered area, a cover is still a good way to make sure it stays in peak condition.

  3. 3. Cup holders

    One of the must-have ATV accessories many people forget is cup holders. When you ride this vehicle, your hands need to be on the handlebars at all times to maintain safety and control. This means you can’t just carry your drink in your hand while riding. With cup holders, you have somewhere to put your drink, so you can easily reach it while stopped instead of digging into your saddle bag or cargo area.

  4. 4. Goggles

    Aside from the helmet, goggles are a great way to safeguard your eyes from debris while riding. If you have ever driven at high speeds on an ATV, you understand the need for goggles. Aside from the dirt or mud flying up, the wind hitting your eyes can quickly leave them dry and irritated which is why every rider needs a reliable pair of goggles for the ride.

  5. 5. Phone mount

    Much like the cup holder, a phone mount is ideal because you need your hands for riding. A phone mount allows you to place the phone so you can see it while keeping your hands on the handle grips which is great for recording your next ride, Facetiming, or even navigation needs.

  6. 6. Saddlebags

    Unlike a side by side or car, an ATV is limited on the available room to store essential items while you ride. Most saddlebags are waterproof which adds to their draw as an ATV accessory. These bags can help you carry smaller essentials and are great for general riding as well as camping or hunting trips.

  7. 7. Heated grips

    If you are riding in cooler temperatures, heated grips are a must-have addition to your ATV. When your hands are cold, it can be harder to ride with the same kind of comfort and control. Heated grips are relatively easy to install on most models of ATV making them a great addition.

  8. 8. Battery charger

    The battery working together with the engine is the heart of the machine. If your battery loses juice, your favorite set of wheels will be out of commission. Any ATV rider knows the importance of having a battery charger. With a battery charger, you simply plug in the battery charger and hook up the clamps and let it charge in your garage or shed so you are ready to ride the next day.

  9. 9. Loading ramps

    When it comes to loading your ATV into the truck or trailer, there is no easy way of doing it without loading ramps. Loading ramps let you guide the ATV up where you need it without effort or strain on your part.

  10. 10. Tow straps

    An ATV is great for hitting rough terrains and testing the prowess of the machine and your own riding abilities. While this is a lot of fun, it can lead to inevitably getting stuck on occasion. A stuck ATV needs tow straps to get it out of the tough spot. You want to aim for tow straps that are longer rather than shorter because you will be able to tow from a greater distance without getting your truck too close to the area that has bogged down your ATV.