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2024 Honda Rebel 500

2024 Honda Rebel 500
Matte Laurel Green Metallic
MSRP: $6,499.00
Manufacturer: Honda
Condition: New




Immerse yourself in the Rebel 500’s untamed spirit of rebellion, reigniting your passion for the open road. With the ageless allure of cruiser styling and the versatile power of a twin-cylinder engine, this exceptional machine seamlessly blends form and function, equipped with state-of-the-art enhancements including full-LED lighting, a slipper/assist clutch, and optional anti-lock braking. Prepare yourself for unrestricted bliss on highways and twisties alike, as you transform ordinary journeys into unforgettable adventures. Bedecked in distinctive and futuristic aesthetics, the mid-sized Rebel boasts new colors for 2024, emblematic of its mastery in engineering thrills that redefine the art of riding. Embrace your Rebel spirit and conquer the horizon with this iconic symbol of liberty and style.




Engine Type
471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin four-stroke
Bore And Stroke
67.0mm x 66.8mm
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI); 34mm throttle body
Valve Train
DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Compression Ratio

Drive Train

Final Drive
O-ring-sealed chain; 15T/40T

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension
41mm fork; 5.5-inch travel
Rear Suspension
Dual shocks; 3.7-inch travel
Front Brakes
Single 296mm disc
Rear Brakes
Single 240mm disc
Front Tires
Rear Tires


4.3 inches
58.7 inches
Seat Height
27.2 inches
Curb Weight
408 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel)
Fuel Capacity
3.0 gallons


Model ID
Meets current EPA standards. California version meets current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors
Matte Laurel Green Metallic, Pearl Black

Factory Warranty Information

One Year
Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional Extended
Extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan



  • BLACKED-OUT STYLE The Rebel is a blank canvas for your self-expression and customization. But unlike the canvas you buy at the art store, this one’s not boring white. As is, its blacked-out engine pieces, frame, and bodywork elements look great during the day and even better at night.
  • CLASSIC INSTRUMENT SHAPE Another iconic element combining traditional and new, the Rebel’s instruments take a classic shape and fill it with totally up-to-date digital LCD information. The instruments include a gear-position indicator and a fuel-consumption display.
  • ALL LED LIGHTING PACKAGE LED lighting is where it’s at now. LEDs can be lighter, brighter, and require fewer lifetime replacements than incandescent bulbs. That’s why the Rebel 500 features an all-LED lighting package—headlight, taillight, turn signals, even the license-plate light.
  • OPTIONAL Honda ACCESSORIES We have an extensive selection of factory accessories to give your Rebel 500 some individual touches. For example, check out the custom seat options, saddlebags and rear carrier, passenger seat with footpegs kit, backrest, and much, much more.
  • STEEL REAR FENDER Real steel never goes out of style. The Rebel has a steel rear fender that's either color-matched to the tank or matte black. The paint looks great, and the steel fender helps provide solid support for the optional/removable passenger seat.
  • REFINED REAR SUSPENSION The Rebel 500’s rear shocks are nitrogen filled and have a special spring rate too. Just like the front suspension, it's about adding both comfort and performance to your riding experience.
  • BLACKED-OUT MUFFLER The Rebel is a blank canvas for your self-expression and customization. But unlike the canvas you buy at the art store, this one’s not boring white. As is, its blacked-out engine pieces, frame, and bodywork elements look great during the day and even better at night.
  • ROUND HEADLIGHT Another critical item in motorcycle design is the headlight. The Rebel 500 features a headlight with a round, three-inch nacelle that gives the bike plenty of character.
  • COLOR CHOICES We have some awesome color choices for 2024: Matte Laurel Green Metallic, Pearl Black, and Pearl Smokey Grey.
  • SPECIAL REBEL 500 ABS SE We’re offering a limited edition of our Rebel 500 ABS, the Special Edition version. It features some of our most popular accessories, installed at the factory. You get our Black Diamond-Stitch Seat, Black Fork Boots, Black Upper Fork Covers, Matte Gray Metallic Wheels and a Color-Matched Headlight Cowl—a knockout combination that takes your Rebel 500 to the next level.
  • WIDE FRONT FORK It’s what’s up front that counts most in style, and the Rebel knocks it out of the park. Of course, the front suspension offers more precise steering and a plush ride, but the large-diameter fork tubes give the bike a substantial presence too.
  • WIDE FRONT AND REAR TIRES The Rebel’s wide front and rear tires not only look great, but they help provide excellent handling and stopping power.


  • LOW SEAT HEIGHT When it comes to seat heights, almost everyone likes them lower, and the Rebel has one of the lowest seats out there. It’s comfortable when you ride, and it makes it easier to flat-foot it at stoplights or in parking lots.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT The Rebel 500 is a lot more fun and friendly to ride than some bigger machines—perfect if you’re just getting started, or if you’re looking for a nimble bike. The light overall weight and a low center of gravity help performance, too.
  • SINGLE SEAT WITH AVAILABLE ACCESSORY PASSENGER SEAT AND FOOTPEG KIT With the Rebel 500 you can easily set your bike up for riding solo, or take a passenger along in style: the optional passenger seat, passenger footpegs and footpeg hangers are all simple, bolt-on parts.
  • FLAT-FOOT FRIENDLY One of the things you'll notice the first time you sit on any Rebel is how narrow it is at the critical tank/seat junction. That design makes it easier to get on and off the bike, and much easier to put your feet down at stops. Plus, it helps the Rebel fits a wide variety of riders.
  • ROOMY RIDER TRIANGLE A rider makes contact with the bike at three points: the seat, the handlebar, and the footpegs. The Rebel’s rider triangle strikes the perfect balance between laid-back cruiser and more active sport riding. You ride with a commanding presence, and the minute you sit on a Rebel in your dealership, you’ll know it.


  • SLIPPER/ASSIST CLUTCH Developed and perfected in Honda racing machines, the slipper/assist clutch means you get a lighter clutch pull at the lever, but a solid lockup when you release the lever and apply power. It’s technology that reduces clutch effort at the bar by about 30 percent.
  • FUEL TANK One of the key items in motorcycle design is the fuel tank. The Rebel’s iconic fuel-tank shape is timeless, but functionally it also teams up with the bike’s great fuel efficiency to give you plenty of range.
  • EXCEPTIONAL HANDLING A lot of today’s motorcycles look great standing still, but disappoint once the road gets twisty. At Honda, we set high standards for the way all our bikes handle and feel, and the Rebel is a perfect example—we’ve paid just as much attention to the way this bike corners and handles as we have its knockout styling.
  • DIE-CAST ALUMINUM REAR SUBFRAME Here’s a chance for Honda designers to take a functional part of the motorcycle and make it look extra cool. The aluminum subframe/fender mounts are strong, subtle, light, and provide a solid foundation for the optional/removable passenger seat.


  • SPORTY ENGINE Twin-cylinder engines are a great choice for a machine like the Rebel 500. Honda twins are famous for their versatility, and the Rebel 500’s engine is one of our best ever. The parallel-twin engine is narrow, which helps reduce overall bike size. Plus, it offers lots of low-rpm torque, but plenty of higher-rpm performance.
  • CAST ALUMINUM WHEELS Cast wheels front and rear are light, practical, easy to keep clean, and give the Rebel a look that tells you this is not built like a retro machine. The wide rims and tires add to the bike’s appearance, too.

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