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2024 Honda Transalp

2024 Honda Transalp
Matte Black Metallic
MSRP: $9,999.00
Manufacturer: Honda
Condition: New




It’s long been a legend in Europe—and now it’s finally returning to North America. The new Honda Transalp is designed to expand your exploring horizons: around town, on the highway, in the mountains, on the unpaved, less-travelled roads. Sized right to balance comfort, maneuverability and compactness, it’s also a showcase for one of our best engines ever, a new 755cc Unicam® parallel twin. Loaded with features like selectable riding modes and available with a wide range of accessories. Rally-bike-inspired aerodynamic bodywork offers just enough wind- and weather protection. Smooth. Tough. Agile and smart. It’s the machine so many of us have dreamed of for so long—and now the dream has come true.




Engine Type
755cc liquid-cooled 24.5º parallel-twin four-stroke 
Bore And Stroke
87.0mm x 63.5mm 
Compression Ratio
Valve Train
Unicam SOHC; four valves per cylinder 
Programmed Fuel injection (PGM-FI); 46mm throttle body 

Drive Train

Final Drive
#520 Chain; 16T/45T 

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension
43mm Showa SFF-CA inverted telescopic fork; 7.9-inch travel 
Rear Suspension
Pro-Link® single Showa shock; 7.5-inch travel
Front Brakes
Dual 310mm discs; 2-channel ABS 
Rear Brakes
Single 256mm disc; 2-channel ABS 
Front Tires
Rear Tires


4.4 inches
61.5 inches
Seat Height
33.7 inches (optional 32.6-inch accessory seat available)
Fuel Capacity
4.5 gallons
Curb Weight
459 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel—ready to ride)


Model ID
Meets current EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.
Available Colors
Matte Black Metallic 

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included
Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty 
Optional Extended
Extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan



  • FIVE RIDE MODES The Transalp features five separate riding modes: Sport, Standard, Rain, Gravel, and an additional rider-customizable setting. That lets you dial in not only power delivery, but engine braking and ABS intervention too, depending on the riding surface. Plus, switching between them is super easy.
  • THROTTLE BY WIRE The Transalp features throttle-by-wire (TBW) technology. Light, precise, and proven, it’s also the reason our engineers can build in the Transalp’s five selectable riding modes. 
  • Honda SELECTABLE TORQUE CONTROL (HSTC)  With Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and the Transalp’s selectable ride modes, you can choose a level which allows some rear-wheel spin—on gravel or dirt for instance—or pick a second level which reduces wheel spin, particularly on slippery roads.


  • UNICAM ENGINE DESIGN  Like our Africa Twin and CRF450R, our Honda-exclusive Unicam® engine design helps us give the Transalp a compact cylinder head for optimal engine placement. The engine also benefits from superior performance, thanks to the entire cylinder-head layout. It’s the best of both worlds! 
  • PARALLEL-TWIN ENGINE LAYOUT  The Transalp’s parallel-twin engine layout makes the bike shorter front-to-back. That means the front wheel can tuck in closer to the engine, shortening the wheelbase and making the bike more nimble off road and on pavement. 
  • Ni-SiC CYLINDER BORE PLATING  Forget about heavy, old-school iron cylinder liners. By using Nickle-Silicon-Carbide plating like our CBR1000RR-R and CRF450R, the Transalp offers better engine cooling and more compact cylinder spacing.
  • QUICK SHIFTER Whether you’re riding on-road or off the pavement, you’ll always appreciate fast, decisive shifting, and the Transalp’s quick shifter makes that happen. Even better, it comes as standard equipment.
  • 755cc TWIN-CYLINDER ENGINE The Transalp showcases a new engine that’s absolutely at the top of its class. Based on the Honda Hornet from Europe, the parallel-twin design is narrow, and delivers torque everywhere from idle to redline. You’ll have more grunt down low, and cruise easy on the open road. 
  • VORTEX AIRFLOW DUCTING This is a big breakthrough you’re seeing on several Honda engines now. By speeding up intake-charge airspeed at the critical low- and mid-engine speeds from 3000 to 8000 rpm, you get better throttle response and acceleration.
  • HIGH-PRESSURE FUEL INJECTION The Transalp’s engine uses a special high-pressure fuel-injection system pressurized to 65 PSI. That improves combustion and throttle characteristics for better throttle response especially in the lower and mid RPM range where you’ll be riding in technical terrain.


  • SPOKED WHEELS  Real off-road bikes use wire wheels with traditional spokes for a good reason: They work way better in the dirt. And they also use a 21-inch wheel up front, just like the Transalp. The 18-inch rear wheel gives you an excellent selection of tires too, no matter what terrain you plan on riding.
  • PRO-LINK REAR SUSPENSION  The Transalp offers our patented rising-rate Pro-Link® rear suspension with a Showa shock and 7.5 inches of travel, the perfect balance for good pavement handling and solid off-pavement performance.
  • DISC BRAKES WITH ABS  Dual front discs and a single rear disc brake give the Transalp great stopping power. The ABS function is linked to the riding modes, and you can even turn off the rear-wheel ABS for riding in the dirt.
  • 42-DEGREE STEERING LOCK  With 42 degrees of steering lock both left and right, the Transalp provides excellent maneuverability on tight trails. This is one of the reasons the Transalp feels so much more nimble than many of the other bigger adventure bikes out there. 
  • ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION  Electronic Fuel Injection means easy start-ups on cold mornings and flawless running even at high elevations. 
  • LONG-TRAVEL FRONT SUSPENSION  The Transalp doesn’t just look like an adventure bike—it has the engineering, refinement, and features to back it up. Just check out the long-travel front suspension. The inverted Showa SFF-CA fork has huge 43mm tubes and 7.9 inches of travel—just what you want for great handling both on- and off-road.
  • SLIPPER-ASSIST CLUTCH  The Transalp features a slipper/assist clutch that helps eliminate wheel hop under downshifting, and which also gives you a lighter clutch pull at the lever.  
  • LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY, COMPACT MASS  By locating heavy components as close to the bike’s center of gravity as possible, and using a compact engine, the Transalp provides a superior platform for excellent handling. 
  • GENEROUS GROUND CLEARANCE With 8.3 inches of ground clearance, the Transalp strikes the perfect balance between off-pavement capability and keeping the seat height reasonable for the highway. For hard-core dirt roads, check out our optional skid plate.
  • DIAMOND STEEL TRUSS FRAME  Light, strong and with just the right amount of stiffness, the Transalp’s rigid and compact chassis is the foundation for precise handling and excellent durability.

Comfort and Convenience

  • TFT DISPLAY  The Transalp features a 5.0-inch full-color LCD multi-informational dash display. You can choose between four display options too, and get information on vehicle speed, engine speed, fuel level, engine mode, trip distance, gear position, engine braking level, ABS, and much more.
  • OPTIONAL LOW SEAT Want a lower seat option? Just check out our available accessory seat. It swaps out in just a minute or two and is 1.1 inches lower than the standard seat.
  • STANDARD REAR CARRIER Integrated with the passenger handholds, the rear carrier is standard on the Transalp. Hey, this bike is made for travelling, and if you’re going that far you need to be able to take some gear with you.
  • USB-C PORT This super convenient connection is fully weather protected, and lets you connect your devices to keep them charged or use on the road. Located under the passenger seat, it’s an up-to-date USB-C type to use with the latest devices and cables.
  • ADVENTURE-READY ACCESSORIES  Because the Transalp is so versatile, we offer a wide range of Honda accessories to help you custom tailor it for your adventures, and you can even bundle some together. Popular choices include heated grips, a taller windscreen, a lower seat, knuckleguards, a centerstand, skid plate, hard luggage and much more, including four convenient accessory packages.
  • EXTRA COMFORTABLE SEAT  On a bike like the Transalp, you'll probably want to extend your adventures and take some longer trips. That's why we gave it a seat with a shape that’s both supportive enough for cornering and comfortable even when the miles stack up. 
  • LARGE FUEL TANK  Our Transalp features a 4.5-gallon fuel tank, a great balance of long range and reduced weight, especially considering how economical our super-efficient engine is.
  • RALLY-TYPE FAIRING  The Transalp has a long history as an excellent long-distance machine. And that’s why we gave it such a good fairing. It strikes an excellent balance between wind- and weather protection, without being too bulky or top-heavy for serious off-pavement riding. 
  • SELF-CANCELLING TURN SIGNALS Here’s another fine example of how the Transalp introduces modern electronic convience into the world of adventure motorcycling. Forget about riding down the highway with your blinker on and looking like a goon—even if you forget to turn that blinker off, the Transalp will take care of it for you.

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