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How to Protect your ATV from Storms

How to Protect your ATV from Storms

When a storm is fast approaching, leaving your ATV outside simply isn't an option. Not only can rainfall wreak havoc on your machine, but storms can cause much more damage if fallen limbs, flooding, hail, or other airborne debris come into play. Even if you don't expect a storm to become dangerous, it's important to never assume what Mother Nature will do! There are countless stories of ATV owners losing their machines after downplaying the effects of a coming storm. Here are our tips on how to keep your ATV safe during storms of different types, so you aren't left dealing with expensive damage costs, or worse, a totaled four wheeler.

Light Rain

A rainstorm is something your ATV can easily power through while riding. However, its hardware can easily be affected when soaked without the right protection. During a light rain, you can use a waterproofed ATV cover to keep your electronic mechanisms and seat protected from the rain. Don't have a fitted cover? No worries. Use a tarp or even a plastic sheet. The goal is to ensure your chosen cover blankets the ATV entirely and won't slip off with wind present. With a tarp, you can fasten it to the ground with stakes. Place heavy objects like stones around a plastic sheet to keep it in place. Essentially, do what you need to so your ATV stays as dry as possible. If you have an outdoor shed or garage and don't want to deal with the effects of moisture, store the ATV in one of these areas. If not, be sure to dry off your ATV after the storm has passed to offset any rusting.

Heavy Rain and Flooding

If your area experiences a heavy downpour, it may not be enough to simply use an ATV cover or a tarp. Heavy rains can really cause a lot of damage to the internal mechanisms of the ATV, so it's best to find some solid cover. In this case, you'll need to move your ATV somewhere enclosed like a shed or garage. If you just have a car port to work with, ensure the ATV is covered by a tarp or something similar for additional protection.

If a flood warning arises, ask yourself if where you've stored your ATV is susceptible to flooding. While your garage might be safe, the shed could be a problem. If you're concerned about flooding, get your four-wheeler to a higher position.

Hail Storms

Hail storms can create a huge repair bill and an even bigger headache for you if you leave your ATV out in it. Hail can easily dent metal and even crack glass. Even if the hail pieces are small, they can create a large amount of damage in their wake. Moving your ATV to a covered location should be good enough to block the majority of hail from reaching it. If you have a shed or garage, move it inside one of these locations. Otherwise, a car port will suffice.

High Winds, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes

When a storm brings high winds alongside the rain, the chance for fallen limbs and airborne rocks and other debris is increased. You don't want a limb to fall down on your ATV, as this could result in a total loss of the machine. Move your four-wheeler inside a shed or garage. You may live in an area where hurricanes or tornados are a threat. If you can and time is on your side, move your ATV somewhere secure. If your chosen location has windows, cover them with plywood if you're anticipating very strong winds. It may also be a good idea to fasten it down. For these emergency situations, you will usually be given notice from your local news station ahead of time. Take their warnings seriously so you don't wind up with totaled property.

ATV Insurance

Have you ever considered ATV insurance? Like your home and auto insurance, this kind of insurance works in the same manner for ATVs. It insures your ATV, as well as other off-road vehicles like UTVs. These policies usually have comprehensive coverage, which covers damage caused by things other than collision. Should a hail storm or hurricane come through and damage your ATV, your policy will help offset the cost of repairs. ATV insurance could be the difference between thousands in repairs and just a few hundred. Take time to check out policies available from leading insurance providers to see if it would be an affordable add-on.

Keeping your ATV protected during storms is easy when you plan ahead or can quickly assess emerging storm systems and act accordingly. As an exposed power sport vehicle, ATVs simply cannot be treated like your car or truck. With special care and good judgement, you won't have to deal with unnecessary damage from a storm. With ATV insurance, you'll be even more protected should things become dangerous. With these tips in mind, you'll be much more prepared for different types of storms!