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Choosing New ATV Tires

Choosing New ATV Tires

Is it time to purchase new tires for your ATV? Maybe you’ve noticed that you aren’t hitting turns as smoothly anymore or feel that the ATV is sliding a little too much for your liking. You can usually tell when they’re ready to be replaced. Take a look at them and you might see the knobs have become rounded or the rubber shows cracks. In general, you can expect to need new ATV tires every 4 to 5 years after the manufacturer’s date. If you haven’t shopped for new ATV tires before, you may not know which type best suits your riding style. There are 5 types of tires for ATVs. These include All-Purpose, Off-Road, Motocross, then the specialized Sand and Mud tires. This guide will help you choose the best type for your ATV so you can get back to riding safety and efficiently.

What Size Tire Do You Need?

This is an easy question once you know where to look. See those numbers on the side of your tire? These are your ATV’s tire sizing. Say this is the number sequence you see:


Here’s how to read it:

  • 20:Overall tire height when mounted and inflated to recommended tire pressure

  • 6:Overall tire width when mounted and inflated to recommended tire pressure

  • 10:The wheel’s diameter that the tire will mount onto

These are crucial for your next tire purchase, so you don’t end up with tires that don’t fit correctly. Most sites allow people to search for specific sizes so you can quickly find the type you need.

ATV Tire Types

All-Purpose Tires

These are the most popular type of tire because they’re designed for all-terrain riding. They’re great for year-round use in non-extreme conditions. For instance, you wouldn’t use these on motocross tracks. With All-Purpose tires, you get a nice intermediate grip that can traverse multiple types of terrain.

Off-Road Tires

Off-road tires are similar to All-Purpose tires but have enhanced tread and durability to withstand the tough terrain. From soft dirt trails to desert riding, these can handle a variety of instances. All-Purpose tires will not feature the same ruggedness needed to handle moving through mud, snow, or sandy areas. When it comes to those tight spaces, these tires will really shine. Use these when grip and durability are a must for your riding style.

Motocross Tires

Find yourself on dirt tracks often? You need motocross tires, which are made with the perfect amount of knobs and biting edges to help you master cornering, but also keep speeds high. The knobs have a lower profile and tires overall have a tighter tread pattern. These can also be used for serious trail riding, which is more aggressive than the everyday rider will encounter.

Sand Tires

Sand tires are quite unique and very specialized. However, you might dominate sand dunes all the time! You may have seen these equipped on the ATVs that beach patrollers drive. These tires are designed with scoop-like paddles that work to move the sand as you accelerate. The front tires are almost smooth with just a rib down the middle (or sides for some brands) to help with steering.

Mud Tires

Mud tires are another type of specialized tire. If you ride in muddy or swampy terrain, these are the right ATV tires for you. Their aggressive design is packed with lugs and high knobs to move through the mud. You’ll get the traction you need in the harshest of mud conditions, so you won’t slip and slide around. Many people also use these for snow riding, as serious grip is required in snowy conditions as well.

Now, you’ll be able to quickly determine the right size and type of tire for your ATV. If your old tires were very worn, the difference in handling and traction will blow you away!