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Best ATV Trails Around the Country

Best ATV Trails Around the Country

With over 3.5 million square miles of terrain, the United States is full of awesome destinations for ATV riding. After a while, your everyday trails at home might begin to feel a little stale. How about a road trip to one of the country’s most popular trails? From the east coast to the west, here are the top, most raved about ATV trails our country has to offer. Use this list to plan your next trip!

  1. Aroostook County ATV Trails and Maine Interconnected Trail System, Maine: If you’re prepared for real outdoor adventure, Maine is the perfect state to ride in. Northern Maine’s trails extend upwards of 6,000 miles with an abundance of wildlife and scenic views to boot. The terrain is mostly like dirt trails in the woods, but you’ll encounter occasional mud bogs too. These trails are open to riders at the end of the spring and close after October ends. Near the end of the riding season, you may even find yourself riding in snow.

  2. Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, West Virginia: Open year-round, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System offers over 600 miles of managed trails. Within this system are several smaller systems that each have their own unique features. West Virginia is known for its gorgeous mountains, so strap a GoPro on your helmet to capture all the scenic views you’ll encounter. This is such a hot spot for ATV and off-roading enthusiasts that the town of Gilbert, WV hosts an annual event where thousands come to see the latest in powersports, engage in activities, and meet other riders. There’s a reason why it’s deemed “Trails Heaven”!

  3. The Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park, Alabama: Perfect for families, The Ridge Outdoor Adventure Park offers something for every rider of all ages. First and foremost, it exists as a resort catering to outdoor enthusiasts. From 35 miles of trails with different levels of difficulty to pee-wee tracks, you can find it all here. There are even 12 trail sections, some designed with mud bogs to up the ante of your experience. If you’re looking to make your ATV trip more like a family vacation, The Ridge is an excellent choice.

  4. Ride Royal Blue, Tennessee: The Ride Royal Blue Resort is considered one of the best ATV and UTV destinations in the country. Here, you’ll find over 600 miles of scenic trails that scale in difficulty. Some focus on leisure riding, while others are all about skill. Situated in the Cumberland mountains, Ride Royal Blue is a sought-after ATV location that you and your family will absolutely love.

  5. Moab, Utah: ATV riding in Utah is a whole different ball game! Dirt and mud trails are replaced by canyons, red rock trails, and a handful of national parks. This is a major off-roading destination, with seemingly endless areas to ride. Some of the more popular trails in Moab are Kane Creek, Hell’s Revenge, Hidden Valley, Poison Spider Mesa, and Golden Spike.

  6. Imperial Sand Dunes, California: Ever wanted to try riding sand dunes? Head to this popular area in Southern California! The Glamis, as it’s called, is the most popular dune riding area in the United States. You can ride dozens of miles in the dunes and even conquer Oldsmobile Hill, a giant sand dune in the area. It’s best to hit this location up outside of the summer, as the heat can be unbearable. While you’re there, you may even happen upon a racing event, as they frequently occur here.

  7. Paiute Trail System, Utah: The Paiute Trail System is a must see for any off-roading lover, especially ATV riders. This part of Utah feature dense forest and thousands of miles of trails. While the main trail system’s loop is about 300 miles, it connects to hundreds of other trails! When you visit, be sure to get a map so you can plan which trails to hit for the day. It will also indicate the type of terrain and difficulty of each trail. People love the Paiute Trail System so much that events are held there every year, including the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, the Fillmore National Jamboree, and the Paiute UTV Jamboree.

With so much ground to cover in the United States, these are just a few of the many trail systems at your disposable. Each of them offers a new, exciting experience that will be a breath of fresh air if you’ve never ridden any outside of your at-home trails. When you’re ready for a new ATV adventure with family or friends, consider one of these locations as your next destination! Many of them offer lodging or nearby accommodations, so making it a week-long trip will be a breeze. Plan ahead to ensure the trails are up to you and your family’s skill level and that your ATVs are properly geared for them.