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ATV Snow Track Buying Guide

ATV Snow Track Buying Guide

When the snow begins to fall, you might be getting ready to store your ATV for the season. However, you don't have to when you install snow tracks! Taking the place of your regular tires, snow tracks are your answer for winter riding. While these used to be clunky and much too heavy for efficient riding, snow tracks have been optimized since their introduction and are now easier on ATV horsepower output. With these, you'll be able to navigate snowy terrain much more easily with a lower risk of sliding. At Honda Parts Nation, we carry a variety of these track systems to suit your ATV. Many of these are by The Camso Company. We'll expand on our inventory of ATV snow track systems to help you get a better idea of which type is right for your riding needs.

T4S Track Systems

Camso's T4S ATV track systems exists as the industry standard! With superior traction control, flotation, and stability, the T4S performs excellent in all conditions. This system features their exclusive flex-track design, which is designed with front-mounted tracks with flexible sides and a slight curve toward the inside. The steering is incredibly precise and the ride unbelievably comfortable. The frame of the T4S is made of solid steel in an open, lightweight design. It's built to easily shed snow, mud, and other debris. Another great feature on this ATV track system is the tandem stabilizer, which works to absorb shock during rides. The idler and mid-roller wheels extend the life of the tracks, working to keep the tracks free of ice.

For those seeking the best for winter ATV riding, Camso's T4S track systems are a perfect choice.

R4S Track Systems

The R4S track system is designed for all-season use on small CC ATVs. With an 8" track width, this system boasts a 50% reduction in ground pressure (as opposed to tires) and a lightweight powder coated steel frame. The centered rubberized double-bearing idler wheels prevent ice accumulation during rides and increase the lifespan of the wheel bearings.

If you ride for pure recreation, the R4S track system might be a great fit! This is also a great option for those looking for more budget-friendly tracks.

X4S Track Systems

Designed for 300 CC ATVs and up, the X4S is another great track system from Camso. Like the T4S, it features the flex-track design and solid steel frame. It also has a double bearing design with oil bath housing for optimal durability. One standout feature of the X4S is the increased width of the idler and mid-roller wheels, which are 26mm. This provides better track support for riders barreling down snowy mountainsides. Should they ever need to be serviced, the double bearing bolt-on wheels make it a snap for you or professionals.

No matter what kind of winter riding you enjoy, this ATV track system is ready to take it on with ease.

Outside of Camso, there are other fantastic ATV track system companies that have made a huge impact on riders all over the world.

Mattracks M3

Designed with a 13" track, Mattracks' M3 track system is seriously powerful. It features their patented Four Link Shape Changing Suspension, as well as a rubber torsion anti-torque system. The paddle tread on the track makes moving through the snow easy and comfortable. You have the option of adding on Mattracks' Sprositive Drive™, which is designed to compensate for the mismatched ratios using over-running front differentials. These eliminate slack in the front sprockets pitch and change the rear pitch diameter, so your ATV will be locked in 4WD. The Sprositive Drive™ also help keep all the tracks pulling at the same speed for a smooth ride.

Kimpex Commander WS4

The Kimpex Commander WS4 track system offers 4 season weatherability with reduced driving effort, traction capability, and decreased vibration. The front tracks measure 11.5" with 13" rear tracks. The frame is made of robust steel and the track profile is aggressive for clearing obstacles. The wheels contact patch is coated with rubber, so ice won't stick as you drive. Maintenance is easy to carry out with the Commander WS4, so more time is spent out of the garage and in the snow. Whether you're working or playing, these lightweight tracks will help you get the most out of the season.

If this track system is compatible with your ATV and you want all season use, give the Commander WS4 a go.