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ATV Apparel For The Summer

ATV Apparel For The Summer

ATV riding in the summer requires apparel with one major characteristic – ventilation. Unlike winter riding, it's much easier to work up a sweat in the summer. When paired with long-sleeve ATV jerseys and pants, it's crucial that the options you choose feature ventilated areas to allow airflow. When you don't switch up the type of gear you're wearing, it can seriously affect your performance on the trails or track. You've probably been there at some point – feeling too hot, which leads to feeling dizzy, shaky, or even nauseous. This is not ideal, especially when operating an ATV! Not so sure how to choose the best summer ATV apparel? We're here to help! Although there are many different OEM and aftermarket brands out there, there are some key features to look out for that will give you the comfort and ventilation you need while riding in the summer heat. Follow our guide so you get the best ATV apparel this summer.

Mesh Jersey

Now is the time to store your thermals and outer shell jacket in the closet. Your best bet for staying cool while protecting yourself from airborne debris is with a mesh jersey. Roost, or the rocks and dirt kicked up when you're kicking off and riding, hurts. That's why long sleeves are important year-round, but that doesn't mean you have to sweat bullets to keep safe. When worn tucked or untucked (every rider has their preference), these jerseys allow air flow via mesh panels. Plus, all the pros wear them, so you know they're worthwhile. They quickly evaporate sweat and dissipate heat, so you aren't left feeling hot and sticky. Look for a mesh jersey with short cuffs, which also aid in rider comfort. Try to avoid black jerseys and instead choose ones lightly colored ones. These will help reflect light, giving just a little more comfort since they absorb less heat.

Vented Riding Pants

When searching for the best ATV riding pants for the summer season, you need to look for options that are both heavy-duty and ventilated. Without air flow, you could easily get what they call "monkey butt" from the fabric of your pants, and the sweat and friction from riding. Any seasoned rider can tell you that this is not a fun time. The pants you choose should be reinforced in places that rub against the machine (like the inner legs). They should also feature mesh panels to allow air flow and a mesh liner to enhance the comfort and ventilation as you're cruising trails or racing on the dirt track. Riding pants from Fly Racing, Answer, and DSG are great brands to consider when shopping.


Your gloves should keep sweat in check with as little bulk as possible. Their main objective is to help you maintain grip of the handlebars, not to keep you warm. The best ATV gloves for the summer will be made of mesh (like Lycra) or perforated leather to help ventilation, flexibility, and comfort. They'll help absorb the sweat, decreasing the likelihood of your hands blistering. Fly Racing has a variety of lightweight options that will suit your needs, as well as other brands like TLD and Fox Racing.

Riding Socks

Do socks really matter? They sure do! The quality of your socks can greatly affect the build-up of heat and sweat in your boots. When your feet are too hot, it's incredibly distracting. Socks from Alpinestars and Fox Racing feature Coolmax fabric that helps air flow within the boots. In high-wear areas, these socks should be thicker to prevent blistering and keep foot comfort optimal. When your feet feel good, your ride will be better.

Helmet with Ports and Vents

ATV helmets typically do a great job of providing enough air flow to keep your head cool while riding. We recommend a full-face helmet that features plentiful ports and vents for air to zip through as you're racing the track or navigating forest trails. The more ports, the better the flow you're going to get to keep your head nice and cool. Find one from a highly reputable brand that suits your budget. One pro tip is to not choose a black helmet. Just like wearing a black t-shirt on a hot summer day, you will be an unhappy camper with a black or dark colored helmet during the summer season.

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